CNA Online Classes – Looking Into Accredited Online Programs

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Cna Online Classes 1Are you considering a career as a CNA but unsure how you can budget the time to get to and from class?  Maybe you should consider an online option. There are schools that offer CNA Online Classes that could make getting your certificate doable. There are a few things to keep in mind though when considering online CNA programs.

Remember that each state has it own set of requirements for CNA certification. If you are looking at a school that is out of Utah but you live in Kansas make sure that you will be meeting all the requirements needed to work in Kansas.

Looking Into Accredited CNA Online Classes

Cna Online Classes 2Another thing to make sure of is that the online CNA classes that you will be taking are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNA). Being accredited through this organization will assure that these classes will be able to transfer to other programs. This would be very important if you ever consider furthering your education.

One obvious step would be to get your CNA and then later obtain your LPN. If the online CNA courses that you have taken were accredited through the NLNA then the transition to LPN school would be very easy.

Online Program Curriculum

Online curriculum are similar to those taught in a traditional setting. They include infection control, patient safety, bed making, basic nursing procedures, anatomy and physiology and measuring vital signs. CNA classes online are of course web based. Meaning that the classes, exams and assignments are all done through the Internet. However your CNA certification test and CNA recertification are not.

The CNA schools will provide you with email address and other contact information in case you need to speak with an instructor or advisor. Some schools offer virtual labs or online video for procedures such as phlebotomy (how to obtain a blood sample), CPR, injections and measuring a pulse.

Some of these schools will have a schedule for you to follow and deadlines to meet, but you will be able to take the classes when it is convenient for you. Others will require you to spend some time in a local facility using hands on for learning. They will assist you in coordinating with a facility for your clinical experience.

Either way you chose to obtain your certified nursing assistant certificate, make sure the school is accredited. This will in turn assure that you will have all the necessary tools needed to be an effective care giver. CNA Online Classes can be found and researched at the following colleges: South University, Mountain State University, Kaplan University, Independence University and the University of Phoenix. These are only a few of the colleges/universities that offer online classes for CNA Certification.

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